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Design Portfolio
Our portfolio may feature current or archived web, print and identity design projects. If you like what you see and would be interested in hiring us click here and send us an email.


website design

Masterwood commissioned us to give them their first web presence. This start-up company will bring affordable and quality flooring to new construction projects as well as remodeling jobs. Masterwood will even have the ability to fulfill large multi-family projects across the country. view site

TurnKey Glass

logo & website design (archived)

Corporate identity and website for a cutting-edge glass etching company. This new venture will have unparalleled creativity and the highest production quality in the country when it comes to custom glass etching.


website design

EcoEliteLighting is an industry leader in developing and customizing energy efficient and eco-friendly alternatives with LED lighting solutions. view site

Nik Lentz

logo & website design (archived)

18-3-2 (as of 7/19/2010) UFC Fighter Nik Lentz and representation commissioned us to provide a web presence that was unique. We delivered with strong visual communication and a friendly user interface.

US Evaluation Center

web design & web application (current project)

US Evaluation Center is the first company to use an alpha version of our EMR/AOM software contracted by Sternware.


logo & print design (archived)

Kartaca is a software development company. They were looking for a solid brand identity. So, we delivered a knock-out logo with a mock-up product line.

Idris Hudson

logo design (archived)

Brand identity for Idris Hudson and his east coast clothing and events firm. "If it's not Hudson, it's not Fashion".

Good Grapes

logo design (archived)

Identity for a premiere wine and cheese shop located on the east coast with a huge local patron base.

logo design (archived) "The Animal" is an online radio station bringing you Hard-Rock and Pure Metal from the 80's and beyond. We hooked them up with a new logo that represents their style and attitude.

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