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Our passion is web design and identity that enhance brand as well as
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Your site should reflect your business and target an audience, like a good
salesman... So think of your web site as an additional employee that will work
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Currently, I have grown tired of my contacts not hanging in the cloud for me to capture from wherever and whenever I wish. Plus, I would like to create invoices, letters or proposals from the cloud as well and deliver them via email (pdf). I decided to create a web app to do just that called "bizBox"! Release date TBA (SaaS). During development I created some tables within a MySQL database to retain lists of "US States" and "Countries" to be used within "bizBox". I thought others may wish to get there hands on these tables as well. Here they are!

- Tony

Purple Passion Screenshot

Purple Passion (.seestyle)

We have throughly enjoyed adding CODA to our development arsenal. It truly is a "One Stop Shop" for each entire project. However, it was lacking one thing... a few good .seestyle color schemes. So we here, at webxstudio, are set on creating a few .seestyle sets. The first is ready for release by the name of "Purple Passion". This is a "light on dark" theme that's easier on the eyes for those long nights of coding!

In CODA menu click "Coda" and select Preferences. Then click the "Colors" tab. You will find "Import" and "Export" buttons in the bottom right-hand corner. Click "Import" and select one of the .seestyle files. ".seestyle" is the extension used by the XML formatted files for CODA's color scheme. Then, REPEAT this process for the rest of the ".seestyle" files. Do not change the names of these files.
DOWNLOAD: PurplePassion(560k)

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